Heres the deal

Our survival depends on the benevolence of the Sun

The human race depends on the Sun for survival and the day God forbid, the Sun decides to leave us and go elsewhere or just does not rise at dawn in the East we would all be “kaput”.
The Sun provides us with an abundance of solar energy and like all other forms of energy, solar energy too can be converted into other forms of energy.
A scientist Charles Fritts invented the first solar voltaic cells or solar panels in the early 19th century to harness the Sun’s solar energy and convert it to solar power or electricity.
The technology is still being developed to attain optimum results which have still eluded us and the perfect solar panels are still to see the light of day in our modern world.
The quantum of the total market potential for the perfect solar panels at affordable prices and universal availability could be all seven billion inhabitants on our resplendent planet, who have access to the Sun at some time of the day hence digital marketing professionals could start their strategic planning beginning with this invaluable information, and success could be guaranteed.